Friday, October 30, 2009

Another thought

Just another quick thought.

I was just reading my old posts and my love's old posts and I think that based on our personalities and especially my love's -- we should have a lot more maintenance spankings and submission training. If I go 2 days without something, I think she loses interest, unless she is horny.

She is good when horny and good after submission and maintenance. A couple days without and she loses it.

I need to fight through the tiredness, fight through the laziness, and fight through everything else and make time for her each day for this, even if it is briefly.


  1. I agree with using more frequent maintenance. It really helps me stay grounded. Meow

  2. Hi. I actually haven't received a spanking yet, because my HOH is still researching on how to spank me properly, but he is close, so very close. Maybe today?
    I'm not an expert so take this lightly, but we have read several articles on spanking to and thru the tears. LDD-4-Me has a blog article regarding the stages of a spanking that a woman goes through. I read that everyday and my HOH has also read it. I think it might help to understand what stage she is in to decide if you should stop the spanking or continue. Perhaps this might help transform behavior? Behavior like that sounds like bratting. Submission must also be a choice. Maybe she needs help making that choice.

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